3 May

This video is hysterical and I just had to post it. It proves that many Americans are pinpointing some of the Bible’s writings and being very hypocritical when it comes to other parts of it. I applaud these actors and actresses for speaking their minds and shedding light on a very important topic.



2 May

I recently finished devouring the touching and awe-inspiring memoir written by Barbara Walters called Audition.

In this heartfelt tale, Walters truly gives readers a brutally honest glimpse



into her roller-coaster ride and, at times, tumultuous life. She takes us through years of network rivalries, sexism in the workplace, her rise from glorified coffee fetcher to “Today Show” co-host, and a family life which was not always smooth sailing. The iconic TV personality reveals her insecurities, which eventually became the driving force behind her success and propelled her forward in her career. After reading this book I now understand what Walters means when she tells aspiring young journalists that they have to “take the whole package” when they tell her they want to have her life. By the end of this book, I found myself envying her a little less and admiring her strength and perseverance more than anything.

Some of Walters most memorable interviews included: Fidel Castro, who took her on a trip to the Bay of Pigs, a sit down with Golda Meir, Richard Nixon, Anwar Sadat, Cher, Mel Gibson, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, President and Betty Ford (who appeared to be intoxicated) among many, many others.

Here are some juicy tidbits that I never knew about Barbara Wa-Wa (as the late great Gilda Radner affectionately referred to her). Perhaps they will whet your appetites and make you run to your nearest Barnes and Noble.

1. Barbara is afraid to drive and has never gotten her driver’s license.

2. Barbara’s sister Jackie (who died of ovarian cancer a few years ago) was developmentally disabled and Barbara has often thought she may have been autistic. Barbara (as a single mother) singlehandedly took care of and supported her sister and her mother after her father passed away.

3. Barbara’s father was Broadway legend Lou Walters, whose claim to fame was the very successful Latin Quarter in NYC (he also owned other Latin  Quarter nightclubs in Boston and Florida).

4. Barbara had a string of three unsuccessful marriages and had a “long and rocky” affair with married African American senator from Massachusetts, Edward Brooke. She eventually chose her career over the relationship.

5. Barbara dated former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and remains friendly with him to this day.

6. Barbara admits to having trouble with her r’s and says she went to a speech specialist early in her career but couldn’t shed the remnants of what she describes as  her “Boston accent.”

7. Her daughter Jackie (who she named after her late sister) was adopted and now runs a recovery camp for troubled teens in Maine. She herself  was a rebellious teen who ran away from home after falling deep into drugs. According to Barbara, this period in her daughter’s life was “the hardest chapter to write.”

8. She admits her worst interview was Warren Beatty (he had absolutely nothing to say and just froze up on camera), her best was Katherine Hepburn.

9. Her dog is named Cha Cha Walters.

10. She only wears one contact lens while working. She can read the teleprompter with one lens, but with two, it would be impossible to read her notes.

I, for one, do not think this book is Walter’s final Audition and I am anxiously awaiting the chance to read about the next.