Kristin Chenoweth Packs A Powerful Punch in a Petite Frame

18 May

Kristen Chenoweth 010Standing at 4 feet 11 inches, Kristin Chenoweth sauntered towards the excited crowd waiting patiently in their seats at the Bryant Park Reading Room. Standing Tall in her five inch heels, the platinum blond with the dazzling smile embraced her eager fans with her unmistakable stamp of Southern Hospitality.

Introducing her was Andrew Lippa, who has been her music director since 1999 and is currently composing The Addams family Musical, which I am very excited for. It stars Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane. Chenoweth was in Bryant Park to promote her new book A Little Bit Wicked. I’ve always wondered why so many celebrities think that just because they are famous, everyone is going to want to read about their lives and the trials and tribulations that made them the people they are today. I, along with the other fans in the audience, soon found out that Kristin had the same way of thinking. She was asked to write an article for Glamour Magazine on her experience with adoption. After her article was printed, the number of emails and letters they received was astounding. The Oklahoma native had something to say and people from all over the country could relate to her story. But when editors came to her and suggested she write a memoir, Kristin was just as surprised as anyone would be and her response? “I hope I’m not old enough to have a memoir!” After some consideration, she decided that she would go for it. “I’m not Shakespeare, but I love to write.” Chenoweth told us that her mother helped make her decision.  Growing up, she encouraged her to keep a journal and said “make sure you write something down every night before you go to bed.”

In her book, Chenoweth talks about her adoption and how she never once had the yearning to track down her birth parents. To her, mom and dad are the people who raised her and took care of her. Over and over, she gushed about her parents, calling them the best mom and dad anyone could ever have (adding though that neither one of them should ever be allowed to sing in public). She did admit to wondering at times, who she took after. Who was small like her? Who could sing? From whom did she inherit her distinctive speaking voice? She then told a story about winning a Tony award. At the end of the night, a woman approached her and with tears in her eyes, told her that she had been following her career and told her how proud she was of what she had accomplished. At the time, Kristin was extremely touched by what this women had said to her and appreciated every word, but simply brushed it off as a kind gesture. After the woman had walked away, Kristin’s manager commented on how much that woman looked ike her. It is not known whether or not the woman was her birth mother, but Kristin admits that face-to-face meeting does cause her to wonder. Chenoweth’s view on adoption is that “if you can give birth to your own child, you should. Adoption is a great option if you can’t have kids.”

Growing up, I had a friend who was adopted and I remember when her parents had “the talk” with her. We have since lost touch, but I still wonder to this day how she is doing and if she ever did try and locate her birth parents. I find the topic of adoption fascinating and do believe that people who are faced with situations like being adopted at a young age and all of the feelings that must come along with it, are that much more determined to succeed in life and make something of themselves. I mean, look at how many successful celebrities were adopted (Sarah McLachlan, Ice -T, Nelson Mandela, J.R.R. Tolkien, Faith Hill, Melissa Gilbert, Steve Jobs, Debbie Harry, just to name a few).

Chenoweth, describes herself as a “non-judgmental, liberal Christian.” Her best friend Denny is gay and she believes that “God is accepting of all people on earth,” including homosexuals. She always finds herself gravitating to people who are different and says that “those things that make you different, are the very things that make you unique and you should embrace them.”

Although her most recent show Pushing Daisies was canceled, Kristin has several other projects in the works. Look out for her upcoming film where she portrays singer Dusty Springfield. She will also make a guest appearance in Fox’s new series Glee (which I am anxiousy waiting to see).


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