7 May

Miss USA runner up, Carrie Prejean of California, has been all over the news lately for her views on gay marriage, breast implants bought for her by pageant organizers, and now a series of semi-nude photos that she posed for in a past life. In my opinion, Prejean should not be considered an authority on gay marriage, so why does anyone care what her opinions are? That being said, these issues bring forth a burning question for me about American beauty pageants. With all of the glitz and glamour, the sequined evening gowns and swimsuit competitions, are we really focusing on the right qualities when it comes to measuring “true beauty”?

I think we as a country can learn a few things from the Saudi’s on this particular topic. Saudi Arabia is a place where women virtually have no rights, and appear in public draped in black robes and headscarves and often with their faces completely covered. There is, however, something called the “Miss Beautiful Morals” contest.  The idea behind this contest is to measure the contestant’s personal commitment to Islamic morals. The judges are not concerned at all with who has the perfect figure or the most magnificent mug. It’s a quest for the woman who exhibits the most respect and devotion for her parents and those around her. These qualities are keeping in line with the strict beliefs and traditions of an Islamic country where females are not allowed to drive, among other basic rights.

Preparation for the pageant begins Saturday. At that time, the nearly 200 contestants will begin their nearly three months of classes and quizzes on topics like “Discovering your inner strength,” and “The making of leaders.” This is only the second time the contest is being held and the winner will be announced this July.

Miss CaliforniaMiss Beautiful Morals Contest


2 Responses to “AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS …”

  1. christieo May 7, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    I have no idea why this poor girl is being tormented like this, she is NOT the first person to say this!!! That being said, I am not much of a pageant fan but whatever floats people’s boats. But I do like the idea of a “morality pageant”!! Love the name of your blog, Mo! Very cute!!!!!!

  2. BO May 8, 2009 at 12:26 pm #

    I have lots of opinions regarding Miss California (wearing the crown for now). I don’t get angry about her beliefs, we all have been brought up differently and think diffferently.

    I just get angry over how her opinion seems to matter so much. Why does anyone care what a 21-year-old girl have to say about gay marriage. I mean really, what experiences has she really lived through. Everyone is getting up in arms over what a young girl who parades around in a swimsuit has to say. Really?!? There’s much bigger news… cows are escaping from slaughter in Queens, Farah Fawcett is dying of cancer, we can now climb to the crown in the Statue of Liberty… wait maybe there isn’t bigger news 🙂

    Love the blog Monica 😉

    Love the blog Monique.


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